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Software to simplify kiosk programming

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Medialon, a company that provides solutions to the entertainment and edutainment industries, has launched a special edition of its Audiovisual Control Software, to make kiosk programming easier, according to the company website.
Manager KIOSK allows programmers of interactive museum kiosks and theme park attractions to build user interfaces with buttons, sliders, text displays, gauges, lists, and text entry fields as well as embedded media or video playback without being a C++ or Adobe Flash programmer. With simple drag and drop actions, they may program the behavior of the media and animation based on users' actions, according to the website.
"We have taken the best parts of our control programming environment, the graphical user interface and the powerful yet easy programming tools and adapted it to Media Control for kiosk applications with two ideas in mind: making kiosk programming easier and more powerful," states the website.
Manager KIOSK features:

  • A programmable Web browser that allows users to prevent kids from using kiosks to log on to Facebook. It also keeps track of sites visited.
  • A controllable media playback that can keep track of popular media in presentations or trigger external effects, such as lighting, when necessary.
  • A way to synch up when using the Medialon On Network protocol. Users can link and synchronize kiosk applications with other Medialon controllers. It lets guests trigger larger shows, participate in games, send tweets and post their game results on their Facebook pages.

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