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    In an industry where being the same as everyone else just isn’t enough, you have to find a way to differentiate your product. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and one is to have the best display solution to fit your product. At TDD, we work relentlessly to design the single most efficient display to accomplish your needs. If you are looking for smart mirror displays, magic mirrors, mirror TV, waterproof TV, stretched displays, transparent LCD displays, 3D holographic displays or custom displays for your products, or a high brightness display for your outdoor or a vandal resistant cover glass applications. Even if you are new to display technology and don’t know where to start, our Display Engineers can guide you through the design process and help you fulfill your requirements and provide the best value.
    Mirror Glass incorporates a special optical coating which, when combined with any LCD or LED screen, transforms the display into a mirror. The screen works on the balance of light between the outside of the glass (the mirror side) and the inside (the screen). When light on the mirror side is brighter than the inside – i.e., when the screen is switched off – the glass looks like a standard mirror. When light on the inside is brighter – when the screen is switched on – the image can be seen clearly through the mirror glass.
    Smart mirrors are straight from science fiction. They’re part of an optimistic vision of the future that imagines a world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you whatever information you need at a moment’s notice. But it turns out that building your own smart mirror isn’t just science fiction — it’s actually really easy to put one together. So don’t wait around for some random Kickstarter to get its act together and sell you a smart mirror.
    What is Mirror TV and how does it work?
    It's really amazing, when we see a regular Mirror that suddenly turns to a TV with a screen in the middle. And it's great to have full mirror surface when you don't need a TV. This TV type is also called Magic Mirror TV and getting popular in different areas: luxury living room interior, bathrooms, kitchens, pools etc. So we'd like to describe most important technical issues and details in the article as an experienced manufacturer of this product type and hope You find it helpful.
    Mirror TV
    People call Mirror TV a screen placed behind semi-transparent mirror. It looks just like a plain mirror when the screen is off and the screen is see when it's on. Due to this disappearing feature it's also called Magic Mirror TV often. For the TV size (screen size) most of models available in the market are from 15 inch to 55 inch. And for the design (structure) there are 2 different types: Standard design Mirror TVs (for in-wall or on-wall installation). These TVs are supplied as “all-in-box” set for standard installation and have fixed sizes of the screen and mirror. Custom design Mirror TVs. These TVs are always made “by project” to fit an exact customer's interior.  Mirror glass is made in accordance with the size needed.
    Of course there is no magic but simple physics that made this screen disappearing effect working. There is a special semi-transparent mirrortype used for Mirror TV production, it reflects some part of incident light to obtain mirror effect when the screen is off but transmits the light from the screen hidden behind the mirror surface to let the image be seen when it's on.
    There can be a regular consumer TV mounted on a frame behind the mirror or a special design TV created for this application only. Consumer TV has lower price and popular interface and remote control type but it's not really designed for this installation type and there are following problems might happen: some parts of the TV can be seen through semi-transparent mirror since it's difficult to fit the frame and mirror back precisely and avoid gaps etc.; brightness of regular consumer TV is very law especially for small size like 19” or 21.5” size. So it's much better to make sure that it's a special TV used behind the mirror. It usually has metal heat dissipation case and sealed to the mirror precisely (waterproof grade is common for this type too). And high brighness LCD/LED panels are selected to keep good image performance even in daylight.

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