Transport Kiosks

    Check-in kiosks have become central to the customer experience at airports, grocery stores, restaurants, sporting events, casinos and a growing number of other industries looking to save time and increase revenue. Fueled by the need to complete routine tasks faster, self-service kiosks literally put automation in the customers’ hands.
    Cut wait time: At airports, self-service kiosks cut customer check-in time down to under a minute in some instances, according to the International Journal of Computer Science Issues, in a May 2010 report. Passengers use kiosks mainly to print boarding passes, bag tags and upgrade to better seats. Kiosks can process 40 to 50 passengers an hour, according to the report. Customers do not typically have a wait for kiosks as compared to lines of five people waiting to be checked in by an employee, the study found.
    Cut operating costs: Kiosks at one of the worldwide famous Airport upped the processing of passengers by 250% and reduced check-in staff by 30%, according to the report. At Las Vegas McCarran, the $1 to $2 million invested in kiosk technology saved the airport from a $20 million building expansion, the report said. The study found that the cost of check-in through kiosks costs just 16 cents per passenger, as compared to $3.68 with check-in via an agent.
    Transport kiosks offer a host of passenger transport information including journey planning, timetables and maps. They have now been upgraded to display tourism information supplied through the Enjoy!
    Computerized, self-service kiosks are found near the check-in counters for many large airlines. At these terminals, individuals can review prices and flight times, and either purchase or confirm reservations. Many kiosks allow customers to print boarding passes and baggage check receipts. An airport kiosk might feature a mouse and keyboard setup similar to a desktop computer, or utilize an interactive touchscreen so that customers can make their choices by pressing selections on the screen. Many terminals cater to international customers by offering information in a number of different languages.
    A self-service kiosk is able to confirm a traveler's identity by prompting him or her to input a confirmation number and insert the credit card used to purchase tickets. The kiosk has access to an airline's information database, and is able to immediately access profiles and payment information. If the terminal is unable  to confirm a purchase or a customer does not have his or her credit card handy, the screen usually directs the traveler to a manned ticked counter so that he or she can speak with a customer service agent.
    An airport kiosk is a standalone desk or an interactive computer terminal that provides information, goods, or services. In many airports, individuals can purchase tickets, check baggage, and monitor the status of arriving and departing flights at a specific airline's computerized kiosks. Several airlines rely on kiosks to ease congestion and prevent long lines at check-in counters. An airport kiosk may also be a booth where people can purchase food, magazines, or souvenirs from a salesperson before or after a flight.

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