Outdoor Enclosure

    If state temperatures are too hot to install an outdoor TV in your backyard? The Solution Is An Outdoor TV Enclosure.
    An outdoor TV enclosure offers homeowners and homebuilders a solution at a price point similar to a purpose-built outdoor TV, but with a distinct advantage, longevity. Take High Bright LCD screen, complete with protective enclosure. This unit is capable of keeping the high-brightness screen operating in temperatures of 130oF, above and beyond any temperature the state can muster. Is it too hot for an outdoor TV in your backyard? The answer’s a resounding, no!
    Enclosures can be fitted with fans and air-conditioning systems, so while the external temperature in Texas soars, the internal temperature of the enclosure keeps your outdoor TV from overheating. A newly manufactured outdoor TV enclosure complete with air-conditioning system. Perfect for the heat.
    What’s great about an enclosure in your backyard is the flexibility it gives homeowners. While an enclosure fitted with air-conditioning can cost low and complete with shipping etc. they do offer better value for money. How? They last longer. In fact, enclosures can last for up to 10 years or more. Therefore, should your TV come to the end of its usable life, you simply replace the cheap LCD TV, you don’t have to replace the enclosure. One enclosure can protect several LCD screens during its lifetime, limiting your costs to a low cost TV every so often.
    On the other hand, if you buy a purpose-built outdoor TV and it breaks down after five years, you end up paying 10 times that amount for TV cost to replace it. In the space of five years, you could potentially have to pay out not much. Long-term, the cost of repairing or replacing a purpose-built outdoor TV becomes mega expensive. Additionally, an enclosure allows you to replace a TV unit yourself. With a purpose-built TV, you would have to wait for an engineer to come and set you up with a new one.
    Enclosures Protect Your Outdoor TV From More Than The High Temperature
    The glass used on an outdoor TV enclosure can be coated with anti-glare or anti-reflective technology. This means that in the bright sun, your view of the screen is not obscured by glare or reflections. Enjoy optimum viewing of all your favourite TV programmes, even at high noon! Additionally, an outdoor TV enclosure is superior to a purpose-built outdoor TV system in terms of security. Naturally, a ready-made outdoor TV is mounted on a wall, and many are not protected against removal from that wall. Enclosures on the other hand are the nemesis of outdoor TV thieves. They’re lockable and because they’re manufactured using powder coated mild-steel, they prove much more difficult to escape with in a heist, making them an excellent theft deterrent.
    Outdoor Solutions with NEMA / IP Enclosures
    Keep your internal electronic and electrical components safe with our waterproof NEMA enclosures. We TDD offer indoor and outdoor solutions for your waterproof and weatherproof enclosure applications. Polycase waterproof enclosures are designed to meet and even exceed various NEMA and IP requirements. Available material options include ABS, polycarbonate, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. A variety of accessories are available for the waterproof enclosures, including pole mounting kits, internal panels & plates, cable glands, and vents. Our waterproof enclosures are ideal for industries such as alternative energy, agriculture, marine, oil & gas, food & beverage plus many more.

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