Ticketing kiosk is also called Ticket Machine, many amusement parks such as Disney have unattended outdoor ticketing kiosks. TDD has automated self-service ticketing kiosks. A lot of places use kiosks for amusement parks and have self-service ticketing kiosk. Ships use ticketing kiosks for passengers. Check-in Kiosks for auto rental companies national have had national deployments. The ticket halls of train stations and metro stations have ticketing kiosks that sell transit passes, train tickets, transit tickets, and train passes. Movie ticket kiosks are used for many movie theater chains have specialized ticket machines that allow their customers to purchase tickets and/or pick up tickets that were purchased online.
    Ticketing Kiosk Benefits:
    Certain interactions are a natural fit when it comes to pairing the modern consumer with kiosks and other forms of self-service technology. The case has long been made for kiosks at airports and grocery stores, for example. Another obvious marriage is that between the ATM and the person who suddenly finds herself in need of some cash. In fact, those kiosks are so integrated into our daily lives we no longer even think of them as novel. A world deprived of their contribution would seem primitive.
    Shorter waits: Retail kiosks can greatly alleviate long lines, and waiting in line has been shown to be a major factor that can negatively impact the consumer’s opinion of a retail establishment. One study found that waiting in long lines will cause nearly 50 percent of customers to conclude that the business is run poorly, and over 50 percent of consumers will take their business elsewhere if they feel the line is too long.
    Larger sales footprint: Most ticket transactions occur either online or at the venue. What if you could sell tickets to hot events at other locations where potential attendees could be enticed to get in on the game (or play, concert or movie) early? Examples include malls popular with teens who could be attracted to ticketing kiosks for concerts, or restaurants where couples often dine before seeing the latest blockbuster. The deployer could be incentivized with a portion of the sales and perhaps even contribute an offer of its own to drive revenue.
    More efficiency: The argument here is the same one responsible for hundreds of thousands of businesses investing in self-service technology: It’s more efficient to have one person helping four or five people transact through kiosks than to have having four or five people conducting the transactions themselves.
    Re-deployed staff: In addition to increased efficiency at the event’s POS, the deployer can further reap benefits from the investment by reassigning former ticket agents to other guest services roles—as floaters when seating is occurring or to dispense water bottles for people waiting outdoors for amusement rides, as two quick examples.
    Utility: Kiosks can be configured for virtually any kind of transaction and to complete it almost any environment. They can be ruggedized to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and extreme temperatures and outfitted with high-bright screens to be visibly in the harshest of sunlight. Peripherals and software enable them to dispense electronically or by printer; to print maps to seat locations; and accept cash or card for payment.

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