Automotive Kiosks

    Automotive Kiosk Saves Time and Boosts Up-Selling
    Successes realized in other industries is being applied in auto repair shops with the Welcome Station Kiosk, the first-ever customer self-service device developed specifically for the automotive repair business. The latest automotive software solution, which is powered by a tablet device, simplifies the customer experience, delivers faster business results, better accuracy and seamlessly increases up-selling and profit generation opportunities. This easy-to-use self-check system frees up service advisors. It enables both new and returning customers to quickly and electronically notify shop staff of their arrival, select the vehicle and which services they’d like to have performed and whether they are dropping off, or will be waiting.
    Increase shop efficiency
    With Welcome Station, shops can cut long lines during the morning and afternoon rushes, all while saving precious minutes per customer and aligning the shop for more revenue-generating business. With a few taps, customers can check themselves in and speed up the shop’s daily process. Based on a modest 2 minutes-per-customer savings, shops with an average daily car count of 15 could save 2.5 hours per week – just in customer check-in time! Those extra hours are possible without adding staff, or increasing workloads. In fact, the kiosk will make your front staff’s work life easier.
    Boost up-selling opportunities
    Upon check-in, a customer can select past pending service recommendations and new services/canned jobs. Area-specific and US weather alerts simplifies the up-selling process by suggesting services based on the vehicle care needed to maintain safety in different climates. The alerts suggest services specific to the current weather and seasons, including: “It’s raining – would you like us to check your wipers?”
    Increase Accuracy
    Since customers check themselves in and update any personal or vehicle information, the accuracy of data input into the kiosk is much more accurate. Too many times when vehicle repairs were finished he’d reach for a customer’s paperwork only to find that his employee failed to take down a phone number. Jumping at the chance to relieve those headaches, Tom this summer installed the Welcome Station customer check-in kiosk at his seven-days-a-week shop.

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