Corporate Kiosks

    A Corporate Kiosk is an interactive kiosks help extend these efforts and bridge the digital divide for employees who lack computer access, such as those in manufacturing or production environments. In some countries, it is even required by law that intra- and internet access is available to all employees of a company, which in non-office situations (for instance, on the manufacturing floor, in a warehouse) can be a challenge to provide. Corporate kiosks are the ideal solution to this problem, providing easy and quick access to staff intranets throughout the company premises, wherever employees are based.
    Provide access to a company's Intranet.
    Wireless mobile terminals which can travel with staff from place to place, easily carried and easy to operate at any time
    Public corporate events & activities.
    Allow employees to easily change their personal information.
    Provide access to online policies & practices.
    There is always a need for a Corporate Kiosk that can be easily accessed by all the employees, who are part of an organization. Human Resource Kiosk is developed on IoT Model which act as an employee self-service kiosk serves an important purpose for providing many details to employees without any expenses, through which employees can change or add more information to their profile.

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