Outdoor Payment

    TDD manufactures Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT) to be installed in petrol / car wash / parking stations. These terminals are easy to use with user-friendly menus and allow drivers to buy fuel and pay parking & wash for their vehicle without requiring the physical presence of the staff.
    The payment terminals have a high brightness color, anti-vandal touch screen monitor, through which the customer can easily carry out a transaction, with the help of user-friendly options. The payment terminals offer a continuous and uninterrupted 24 hours, 7 days a week, without requiring the physical presence of the staff. Also, the OPT’s multimedia screen gives the opportunity to display promotional offers of the store.
    The TDD Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) is a compact payment solution for unattended forecourt environments, which include the following devices:
    Outdoor Parking Meter, Parking Pay Stations, Parking Entry Stations, Automated Pay Station, Access Entry Station, Access Pay Station for Car Wash, Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) for Petrol Stations


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