Government Kiosks

    Government kiosk solutions are allowing federal, state and local agencies to increase efficiency, respond to demands and enable cost savings. New implementations are happening every day in courts, libraries, utilities and varied municipalities. Shrinking federal, state and local budgets have forced many government offices to develop automated solutions for repetitive service offerings. TDD offers a host of self-serve government kiosks that provide proven, cost-effective delivery for most mainstream transactions. City / municipal offices provide turnkey kiosks that automate self-service bill payment transactions.  Users pay routine bills conveniently and quickly, reducing customer wait times and improving staff efficiencies.
    To bridge the gap between the Governing bodies and the public, E-Governance Kiosk has been designed that successfully provides information to users. This Touch Screen Kiosk for online payment greatly emphasizes the importance of information issued by the government and helps in spreading the message to each and every one. It gets access to government websites and provides updated information to people who inquire about it. Bill payment is one of the agendas of E-Governance which is a digital transaction framework that accepts the bills such as electricity, water, gas, mobile, landline, broadband etc. It facilitates users to perform online transactions without any cost. This kiosk is a win-win situation for Government as well as the public.
    Flexible payment options (credit / debit / cash / check) coupled with multiple language capability extend use to wider range of banked and unbanked customers. Additionally, multi-biller options included in the solution support accelerated ROI. Additional Local Government Applications include: library automation, State Registrar self-service, court scheduling automation, local licensing services (pet, hunting, permits, etc.)

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