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    Museums, historical sites, shipping mall, office building, national parks and other tourist/visitor attractions often engage kiosks as a method for conveying information about a particular exhibit or site. Kiosks allows guests to read about - or view video of - particular artifacts or areas at their own pace and in an interactive manner, learning more about those areas that interest them most. The Museums in New York City uses touchscreen tablets to provide visitors with accessible and relevant labels for a particular exhibit. The Penn State All sports museum employs interactive kiosks to display up to date information about past and current Penn State athletes and sports teams. The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration now boasts a citizen test available for visitors to take online via an informational kiosk. Additional kiosk displays include a "Threads of Migration" interactive exhibition featuring three touch-screen kiosks as part of "The Journey: New Eras of Immigration" section, which covers immigration since 1954.

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