Bill Payment

    Our Bill Payment Kiosk allows your customers the convenience of being able to pay their bills from your location. Your customers can pay bills they have with over companies that are currently registered within the bill payment system. Pay bills such as utility payments, cell-phone payments, credit cards, insurance payments, home loans and many more. You can add additional revenue to your location by utilizing the optional digital signage monitor and sell pre-paid phone cards all from the same bill payment kiosk. Offer your customers the ability to pay their bills at your location with the new "Bill Payment Express" bill payment kiosks. Bill payment kiosks are incredibly easy to use and generate huge residual income month after month. After payment has been made, the bill payment kiosk will print and dispense a receipt of the transaction. The bill pay receipt will contain detailed information such as date, time, bill pay kiosk information, transaction number, payment method as well as card authorization number and amount paid. In the event a receipt fails to print, a customer can call a toll free number to request a copy of the receipt which will be sent by mail.
    Bill Pay Kiosk: When using a Bill Payment Kiosk, the first interaction customers have is with the bill pay touch screen monitor. Bill paying customers may make selections, e.g. pay a bill, input information, or enter an account number, and reply to popup messages using the buttons on the bill pay interface. They may also move to a previous screen or cancel the transaction.
    Payment Kiosk: To scan a bill on the Bill Payment Kiosk, customers are prompted to follow onscreen animation. If a customer does not have an actual bill, an account can be located by entering an account number. Once the account is located and verified, customers are prompted through animated screens to pay the bill. Bill Payment Kiosks accepts full and/or partial payments.
    Bill Payment System: Customers can choose various payment methods when using the Bill Payment Kiosk. When paying with cash, a customer only needs to select “Pay by Cash” and insert the currency as shown on the screen. The Bill Payment Kiosk will display an onscreen calculation of the bills inserted. The bill paying customer then selects “FINISHED” once all currency has been inserted. A receipt will be printed finalizing the transaction at the payment kiosk.

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