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Ohio jobseekers using employment kiosks

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JOBsolutions, in conjunction with 10 local employers in Hancock County, Ohio, has developed Access Point, an initial job screening process that can be accessed from a home computer or at several kiosks located throughout the county, according to a company press release. The participating companies are Rowmark, Whirlpool Corporation, Cascade, Findlay's Tall Timber Distribution Center, Ohio Logistics, Findlay Machine & Tool (FMT) Inc., GSW Manufacturing Inc., GROB Systems, Cooper Tire, and new company MITEC Powertrain.

How it works

Access Point gives jobseekers the ability to fill out a Web-based aptitude application with initial employment assessment via the Internet. They have access to all 10 companies through this one assessment. The results of the applicant's assessment are then sent to the selected participating area employers as an initial screening process for a potential new hire

"This is a great opportunity for jobseekers to get a jumpstart on the application process by completing an initial screening through AccessPoint," said Carolyn Rodenhauser, workforce development administrator for Hancock County JOBsolutions. "Having the kiosks available at different locations makes this a process everyone can access. This endeavor would not have been possible without the cooperation of our local employers and other community agencies. We are excited to offer Access Point to our area jobseekers."

Participating companies are also eager to launch the project.

"Access Point will provide applicants to area employers that in the past may not have been available," said Rick Aurand of Ohio Logistics. "As employers in today's marketplace, I think we all like to see applicants that are willing to go outside their comfort zone and embrace a new way of doing things. This project has been a long time from concept to fruition, but will benefit employers and potential employees alike."

Beth (Linhart) Kroetz from Rowmark agreed.

"When we can help to match job seekers with open positions within the community, everyone wins," she said. "This new system utilizes technology to help both the employee and employer during the hiring and screening process."

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